3 Day No Fail Happiness Challenge

happiness challenge

Happiness is the ultimate goal in life. Wouldn’t you agree?  It’s safe to say that everyone has their own ideas of how happiness is defined, but I have come up with a WHOPPING list of 3 ways to challenge yourself to be happy. After all, life is challenging enough without adding more challenges to our plates. For today, we will skip the idea of a 30 day challenge and be a bit more realistic. Who has the time for a 30 day challenge? Certainly, not me! For this challenge we will use the KISS principle, that is Keep It Simple Sister. Since I believe anyone can do anything for 3 days, I also call this my NO FAIL challenge. So here goes:

3 Day No Fail Happiness Challenge

DAY 1.  Ditch Social Media – Stay away from social media. There’s entirely too much negativity out there and you deserve a break for the day.

Day 2. Think Happy Thoughts – Life is what you make it, and if you dwell on the things that are making you unhappy, then you may overlook the finer things in life that bring you joy. Happiness is a mindset, so focus on counting your blessings today.

Day 3. Try A Random Act of Kindness – Make a kind gesture to someone else. Nothing lifts the spirit better than showing kindness to our fellow man. There are many ways to accomplish this task, e.g, bake some cookies for your neighbor, rub the hubby’s feet, or take the kids out for a treat. Always remember, it’s the little things that have the power to make our days happier.

Sound too simple? Try our happiness challenge and see how it affects your happy meter.


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