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Welcome to the Three Gypsy Souls blog! If you’ve never heard of us, then you are probably wondering, right about now, what kind of blog you’ve stumbled upon. So let me introduce you to the Three Gypsy Souls. I’m Amanda, one of the creators of our fabulous wall art and head of the operation (Shh! Don’t tell my biz partners I said so.) I like to design typography art and dole out the plans of the day. Diana, my mother, is the creative thinker. She designs our logos, website, blog pages, and much more.  And finally Alexis, my 11 yr old daughter, is the free spirit. Alexis’s talent basically consists of telling us her opinions in her own sassy 11 yr old way, of course. Together we are the owners and operators of Three Gypsy Souls, where we create typography wall art, or quote art as some like to call it.

But, our talents don’t rest there. While I like to create digital art, Diana and Alexis prefer a more hands on approach to art and have been creating junk journals and mixed media art, too. We also make the best smelling soy wax melts in the Midwest, which we hope to be adding to our shop soon. As you can probably tell by now, we have a vast amount of interest in arts and crafts; therefore, Diana crafted the name Three Gypsy Souls to represent our wandering artistic spirit.

Now that I’ve introduced ourselves, I hope that you will stick around and become a new follower of our blog. You will find many interesting posts here, because we will remain true to our vagabond ways by blogging about many interesting topics including how to, diy, recipes, art, home décor, books, and of course our products.

Since we have so cleverly enticed you to be our new friend (wink, wink) don’t forget to grab your FREE printable family quote before you go.

printable family quote

We cherish your feedback, comments, and ideas. Please enjoy reading our blog and have a wonderful day!


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